How to choose the fruit and veggies that you take your home?



Probably most of us, to pick an apple, pear or tomato, we take it and turn it all over to check it, right? We are choosing it … WITH MIND.

The next time you go shopping, I invite you to do something different, you try to pick the fruits and veggies you take your family, WITH HEART.
You will notice a subtle difference…

How to do it? Breathe deep with the intention of bringing health, nutrition, love and wellness to your family; feel how you can connect from your heart and let your hands move freely to choose from, discover with surprise that fruits and veggies you take with your hands, feel, look and taste different, you can feel intuitively that they respond to your intention (if you’re right-handed energy, take it with your left hand).

In a seemingly simple activity like this, you can make a big difference in food for you and your family.
Load with love and harmony natural and fresh foods we give our family is very simple to do, just enough to have the intention and put our attention on it.

Instead of choosing them mechanically, we can have a couple of minutes and use our heart. It’s something worth doing.
From the moment we choose them, we are adding the most important ingredient we give to our family: LOVE.

And if we have the opportunity to cook for our family and friends, we can use this time and listen music, sing, dance and just enjoy what we do!


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