Do not like your life as it is now?


Then stop!     Do not walk more !

If you’re not happy why do you keep moving ?

You have the power to decide on your life and you always had it, would not you think it is enough ?

I invite you to do the following exercise:

Please, right now you stop what you’re doing and give yourself a moment …

Close your eyes, breathe deeply three times and say it slowly …


So simple, easy and powerful, just DECIDED TO BE HAPPY!

Decide it deep in your heart, strongly!

From the transparency of your soul tired of fighting so many battles in life.

It is time …

The time is arranged here for youBecause love you

Time to align your will with God’s will has come

The time has come to awaken and claim what is yours by divine inheritance: YOUR FREEDOM!

Feel secure that happiness is your right and exerted with dignity and autonomy …

It is  of your identity … IS YOUR IDENTITY!

Naturally manifest and live it!

And let the Universe and Life conspire to make it real; observed only with love, joy and acceptance where they ask you to walk, what changes is important to do and what contracts have expired and yet you hold on to them, and what new contracts are ready today for you and reject it? what people is time to let go in order to reach others in your life, and what you have to drop moorings?…

And while you do this, you will discover that you left the road not because your feet changed its course …

But because your wings were extended, feeling the freedom of flight …


Se autoriza la reproducción total o parcial del material contenido en este sitio sin autorización previa del autor  siempre y cuando se cite la fuente y se respete la integridad del texto. En Amor y Consciencia, gracias por tu comprensión.

The total or partial reproduction of this article without the prior permission of the author is authorized; provided the source is acknowledged and the text integrity respected.
In love and consciousness, thanks for your understanding and support for sharing.


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