“The limits begin where the vision ends. You have to see yourself as a person without limits.

For years, breaking a four-minute mile was thought that it was physically impossible. Then in 1954 Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3: 59.4. And for the next two years, FIFTY MORE RUNNERS broke the barrier.

Why? They had a picture… In Bannister found a model for success ”  –Gary Mack, Mind Gym.

Think carefully about this:

When most people say “impossible, it can not be done,” then no one does it -and not even attempted.

But wait, someone BELIEVES that can be done and then YES! HE DOES IT ! And suddenly, fifty others do what was considered physically impossible IMMEDIATELY AFTER.

What happened?

Nothing changed in their physical biology, they did not use bionic legs or tennis.

¿So what really happened ???



And wham! What had seemed impossible suddenly became possible.

Gary is right when he says: “The limits begin where the vision ends.”

Think of something you’d like to do, and if you can not see yourself doing it, then you just defined and set a limit for yourself.

Observe each of your dreams, your desires and aspirations, if you can not see yourself doing them, then you are defining and setting limits for yourself, without realizing it, is probably what has been done along your life, you’ve built a wall of personal boundaries whenever you have not seen yourself doing your dreams.

We need to exercise ourselves doing mental gymnastics, and patiently, diligently and persistently train ourselves to see beyond our current limits and dissolve. To stretch beyond our comfort zones and going into the kingdom of our infinite potential.

Do you see yourself doing? 🙂

Thank you for inspiring: Brian Johnson of The Optimizer


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