Dare to dream!

It’s easy to dream when we are asleep, right? But when we are awake, routine and habits we have acquired in our comfort zone say it is a waste of time daydreaming; and further, trying to realize our dreams, they say it is better to continue as we are and improve in our current paradigm.

However, we are moving towards new paradigms that push us to rethink who we are, what we are doing and where we are going, personally and as humanity.

Perhaps you have been doing that for a long time but gradually or suddenly, you’re awaking and you begin to observe what happens around your life and you do not like, then what do you do?

Are you still doing the same? It is comfortable and safe.

Are you trying new things and when you face the first problems go back to what you were doing before? After all, it’s what you doing best, you’ve done for a long time right?

Or do you take courage and enough confidence in yourself and dare to do something that you have dreamed for long and continuous forward, advancing step by step, knowing that there is no road ahead, but you’re going to build as you go?

I was writing about the power of dreams and achieve your dreams, obstacles that must be overcome, crippling fears and this whole process that exists when you throw the unknown and wow! you discover the hidden treasure there, and guess what? I found causally a video that has saved me hours to write and explains wonderfully in minutes, here it is and I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


–Liliana Lorna

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