Compassion: A path to inner awakening


“Compassion is the meeting point between the infinite tenderness of soul and deep understanding of the divine plan at All”.

Compassion involves more than the feeling and human emotion; Is the insight of the soul that loves life intensely vibrating at her compass!

Ulysses, as the great teacher who is, has gently led me to understand what it means compassion and how an angel seen…

Humanly compassion relate it to the compassionate feelings to identify or empathize with the suffering, sharing their suffering without pity.

But if an angel does not have emotional body and therefore does not feel compassionate feeling like us, how he can hold so much compassion for humanity?

Because compassion is deeper than the feeling, which is the reflection of its resonance in the emotional body.

Compassion allows you embrace with infinite tenderness the Human Being, the perfection of the divine plan comprising in his history; giving the exact point of your intervention to avoid reacting emotionally giving what you want to give, to give way to respond calmly giving and supporting what his soul needs.

Compassion lets you see in the mirror of his soul your own reflection; you identify resonate with human feeling or with sweet and loving serenity of soul, with that great tenderness in your soul is capable of vibrating, identifying with the wisdom contained in his plan of life.

It is so easy to discover the magic of Love in Life, and easier still decide to become part of your Life …

As always, the choice is yours …

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