If you are afraid, no light.

“Fear is black, if you are afraid, no light.
You could be the greatest light worker, can be a channeler,
but if you fear, no matter how many years you’ve made light work or how much light you accumulated personally, with fear she leaves, and they won the battle to take your mind. Do you understand this?”



Keep the light on in your heart and remember that love is bigger and more powerful than any fear. Darkness does not exist by itself, has no substance, is only the absence of light.

Now do you understand? Darkness feeds on fear; no fear no darkness. 

Light without love is hidden and the mind ceases to have clarity and transparency to interact with others from the compassionate heart. Fear wins the battle when it achieves the Warrior of Light and Love Missionary return to the playground of spiritual maturity, throwing stones, insulting, attacking, without maturity, feeling threatened, in the dark.

Compassion is a path to inner awakening and spiritual maturity, and is won when you act from the heart, holding tightly love and light within him, regardless of appearances.

Warrior of Light, Missionary of Love, hold your light strongly, showing your expertise wherever you are, in any situation, even difficult; remember that God’s love is your strength and source of light in your Life.

Rejoice, you’re here today to show your expertise.


–Liliana Lorna

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