Close your eyes and Fall in Love with life

everyday challenges

What to do when you feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges? Or when you feel that your life has become routine and monotonous? Or when you stopped seeing the sense of things and the purpose of your life?





When you begin to know yourself in the fullness and depth of your being, the inevitable and unavoidable consequence is that unintentionally you even without realizing it, you go falling in love with Life.


Would you like to try?


Go ahead! Each morning when you wake up and before getting up, I invite you to start doing the following exercise (spend 10 to 15 minutes each day):

As soon as you are aware that you have awakened and with your closed eyes, breathe deeply and slowly several times, and allows Nature that is outside and inside you, flow and interlock with softness, merging as One.

To do this you will use your physical and internal* senses, weaving the familiar sensations and integrating the new sensations and feelings that are activated with the flowering of consciousness and unconditional love (as example let’s use the senses of touch and smell):

While you breathe harmoniously with your eyes closed, very softly, caresses the skin of your face and arms slightly touching its surface and feeling its texture and softness, and humbly thank it.

With this simple exercise you are greeting to your inner being, connecting and identifying yourself with it, connecting your physical sense of touch with his inner sense of spiritual perception. How simple and beautiful, isn´t it?

Are you still a little while before waking up?

Then you can also do the following:

Approaching the reverse of the wrist of the hand to your nose (with your eyes closed and breathing slowly and gently), keep rhythmic breathing until you begin to perceive the smell of your skin, yeah,! that’s your own scent! It´s no coincidence that here run veins carrying life, your wonderful life!

And you without imagining it, have probably maintained it hidden beneath the lotion or perfume, cream, body shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc…

But now you know, so please keep the greatest possible time your connection with yourself through your own, unique scent, without camouflage it, ok?

Your scent is unique and shows the totality of your being… It is the smell of your inner being!

Do you see how easy is to begin to know you, like the wonderful Being of Love who you are?


Practice these two simple exercises for 21 consecutive days and you will discover beautiful things! I love if you share what you discover!

Can you imagine all that you will find out when you use the rest of your senses physical and internal?

How not be in love with Life when moment to moment manifests itself in and out of you?

Dancing, singing and vibrating just for you?




— Liliana Lorna

* Internal senses are felt similar to the five physical senses more others more subtle; through them your inner being perceived a range rich in nuances of light, love and consciousness, in a spectrum much wider and deeper than the one who recorded the physical senses. They are interconnecting and sharing information to form a multi-dimensional picture of the wonderful world in which you live and you develop.

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