Divinity has aces up her sleeve

Are you feeling sad or distressed by what you hear? Did you hear the time of human and planetary spiritual awakening is finishing? Are you afraid of possible consequences? Do you care about the people you love?

It is important not to be taken lightly and act according to intuition, which is always more accurate than reason.

However, do not panic, see what is in your heart so you act according to it, and be confident, remember Divinity loves you deeply.

I hope this I’ll tell you fill your heart with joy and hope, with a call to action:
I´ve learned always Divinity has aces up her sleeve, and if you feel sad and concerned because some of your loved ones have chosen or are choosing not to awaken/ascend in this lifetime, right now is opening a divine gift and you can give it to them (always firmly respecting the decision they make at deep-level):

“In your meditations when you find yourself immersed in the light, in the peace that embraces your soul; take a deep breath filling yourself of divine love and when your consciousness penetrates everything and feel and Be One with it; with your inner voice without words ask God-Father-Mother and Angels embraces your loved ones with Love and Christ Consciousness, with the purest love and highest consciousness that your loved ones can hold in complete harmony and peace; and when you feel love overflows because it does not fits into your heart and find yourself crying of love… hug them! Hug them without saying a word and enjoy the great love you feel for them!”

When you feel the love intensity has gone down and returned to everyday levels, breathe deeply and humbly say thanks.

It would be nice to gradually born in your heart the desire to expand your circle of love, as concentric rings extending from friends, neighbors, colleagues, until embrace our beautiful planet Earth and all creatures and Beings that inhabit it.

Love, mercy and tenderness of Divine Mother for humanity is so, so great, that she is giving us this beautiful gift at these critical times, so ALL human beings have the opportunity to ascend all together with Gaia and awaken to a new consciousness, to a New Earth through unity, love and peace.

Here we are at last on the home straight after many years of inner work. Come on Missionary of Love and Warrior of Light!, Don´t falter! We’re almost there!

It´s time to manifest the love, kindness and compassion within your heart; Let´s give a hand to those who come after us! And waiting those who have been left behind!

All together we will cross the finish line!

If Gaia has been helping us lovingly and waiting for us to awaken at the same pace that it, why we would not do the same with others?

Let´s go by All!


adults and kids crossing the finish line


-Liliana Lorna



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