The innocence of the soul | The secret to being happy



It is often difficult to make the decision and have the courage to freely express what is in the soul, in a world where the most people repressed and stifled it, choosing superficiality and masking feelings, natural language with which it is expressed.

When least we think and without realizing it, yesterday children and today adults, we grew into the stream of a hectic increasingly life by materialism and consumerism that, unconsciously, has distanced us from our essentially spiritual nature, from the daily loving and warm touch of the soul, from the soft morning whisper wakes us every day filled with joy, happiness and enthusiasm; with the curiosity of a child who dares to explore one more day of his life, astonished to discover new, fun and exciting things; being himself, with spontaneous authenticity, expressing what he feels and discovering the pulsating life that vibrates within and around him.

Enriching his soul to explore sensations, feelings and emotions; without repressing them or label them as good or bad, just living them, scanning them and continuing on with a healthy growth and a fresh and transparent view of the wonderful process that is life.

Can we regain our life and live it consciously as spiritual beings we are and enjoy the physical and material world we are creating?


Can we wake up every morning; breathe deeply and joyfully thank God from the heart, for the new day eager to live?


It seems that is not easy to break a routine in which we are programmed to believe that life is hard, that the obligations and responsibilities are a burden, that being an adult means stop enjoying life moment to moment, and to enjoy it, from time to time it is allowed values relax, turn one´s back on the ​​honesty, respect, integrity, trust and loyalty to oneself and others.

But nevertheless,

The secret of happiness lies in the inner work,

which is the real work that transforms your life, done in the depth of your heart and your soul

where you can bare your feelings and stop hiding the fears and insecurity.


When you decide with authenticity and determination to reflect every day, honestly and transparently what is in your soul, your truth, sweetness, joy and innocence; you’ll discover with surprise that your attitudes, actions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions begin to line up with the love of life and consciousness, spontaneously and naturally, transforming YOUR Life from the inside.

How do you know when you’re reflecting the innocence of your soul?

When spontaneously you start to observe without judgment or criticism, to look with the compassionate eyes of love; when your thoughts, opinions and actions are free of control egos; when your feelings and emotions are freed from fear, when peace flood your heart every moment of your daily life.

And align through love with the consciousness of life, it is a process that every day takes you to discover with joy who you are inside and outside of you, in ALL your fullness, in all space-time frames of reference, in all reality slices not just one we call reality, because ultimately you’re walking down the avenue that leads to the Home.


With love

Liliana Lorna


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