Love is all we are

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It is quick and easy read because it takes only a few seconds, however be aware that YOU ARE LOVE is not that easy and it may take longer, more than a couple of seconds.

When you live in a world that is moving so fast, in which govern the appearance and external image has taken so important; battle your way through the superficiality and go deeper to know the people and what is inside each one, it is sometimes difficult, or is not it? Should not! So, why do we do it so complicated?

Something as simple, profound impact and distorts our intimate relationship with ourselves, our family, friends, coworkers, complicating find our ideal mate, blurring our vision of the world and the universe, of the whole reality …
And what about you? What aspect of yourself you identify? Do you identify with your body? With your mind? With your soul?
How do you relate to others? Which aspect of your identity do you relate to the world around you? Does that worked? May you say you´re happy?

Awakening from a long sleep to be aware that you are love, you’ve always been love and everything that exists is love, (and there is nothing more!), can only be understood and discovered from the depths of your heart.
Really you don´t have to do anything if you want to discover and be sure who you really are… Weeell yes, in fact, you have to do only one thing: DON´T THINK and immerse yourself in total silence.
And when you least expect it any day, silence will throw you into the depths of unconditional love and you will experience the purity and innocence of your soul, and when you’re there, you’ll know yourself and know who you really are because you look your reflection in the mirror of pure consciousness.

And while this happens, enjoy life, enjoy it to the fullest, from the innocence of your soul and the loving embrace of your own Self.

With love

-Liliana Lorna



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