TSC | Toward a Science of Consciousness | Stockholm 2011

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In May last year, I had the honor to present internationally at the TSC 2011 conference (Toward a Science of Consciousness) the paper “The mental impasse (total absence of thoughts) and its relation to the dilation of individual consciousness as result of spiritual awakening.” [1]


What is TSC? 

Toward a Science of Consciousness is the largest and longest-running interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to the study of conscious awareness. Topical areas include neuroscience, psychology, biology, medicine, mathematics, quantum physics, philosophy, meditation, contemplative and experiential traditions, humanities and other.


The conference Toward a Science of Consciousness 2011 was held at Stockholm University, Aula Magna Hall, Stockholm, Sweden (May 2-8, 2011) organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies of The University of Arizona and Mind Event, AB, Stockholm, Sweden.


With the presence of more than 65 countries and 300 participants sharing their scientific research and experience in order to enrich the understanding of the human consciousness.


 “For much of the present century, the various phenomena related to human consciousness have been ignored by many sectors of the scientific community as unsuited to empirical investigation and inappropriate for scientific study. Recently this picture has been changing due to a variety of factors.

Researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds and professional disciplines including psychology, neurobiology, philosophy, cognitive science, physics, medicine, anthropology, mathematics, molecular biology and art are now asking questions about what is consciousness.

The Center for Consciousness Studies would like to facilitate a dialogue in an international community of scholars, students and researchers. This dialogue will be characterized by openness, mutual respect, inclusiveness and rigor.

We support the development of an international and interdisciplinary science of consciousness.”   —CENTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA


A full week of very interesting papers presented by speakers such as:

The Keynote Speaker Sir Roger Penrose (Mathematical Institute at Oxford University, 1988 Wolf Prize shared with Stephen Hawking —Consciousness and Physical Law).

The featured speakers Luc Montagnier (Nobel Laureate, President, World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention, UNESCO, Paris—DNA, The transfer of biological information through electromagnetic waves and  water) and Deepak Chopra (Vedic approaches to consciousness).


Leonard Mlodinow (co-authored with Stephen Hawking of Briefer History of Time and The Grand Design)

Menas Kafatos (ChapmanUniversity, Consciousness and The Universe: Non-local, Entangled, Probabilistic and Complementary Reality)

Rudolph Tanzi (HarvardUniversity—The Amyloid Trap Hypothesis of Alzheimer´s Disease)

Giuseppe Vitiello (University of Salermo and Instituto Nazionale Di Fisica Nucleare, Salermo, Italy—DNA: On the Wave of Coherence).


And much, much more…


This conference was sponsored by


Center for Consciousness Studies, CCS UA

Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Foundation

Christer Perfjell and The Perfjell Foundation

AFOSR -Air Force Office of Scientific Research

European Office Aerospace R-D


The Monroe Institute

SchmidCollege of Science, ChapmanUniversity

Mind EventAB

YeTaDeL Foundation

JB John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam

Tibet House

Thanks to Dr. Stuart Hameroff, Christer Perfjell, Kicki Sjöblom, Abi Behar-Montefiore and all people who made it possible.


[1]    173 The mental impasse (total absence of thoughts) and its relation to the dilation of individual consciousness as result of spiritual awakening, Villanueva, Liliana Lorna  M. Sc. <lorna@lilianalorna.com> (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Guadalajara, México)


“… find responses to the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is consciousness? Consciousness is manifested through the rational mind? The reality is what my physical senses perceive? What is the Universe? Is there a fuller and deeper reality that contains the physical reality? We all share one common consciousness? How to interpret consciousness and the physical and spiritual reality in quantum terms? When the intellectual mind looking for answers, finds a partial, when we quiet the mind and stopped to ask, allowing it to get total silence, then we dive into the ultimate experience of being, and all questions cease to have meaning, giving way to a deep, clear and transparent knowledge through the…” P3See full abstract (article 173, page 121).

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