Sharing a little bit of my Life


 Fall in love with life!

 Fall in love with what you do!

 Do it with passion, joy, honesty,

compromise, gratitude and balance .

–Liliana Lorna


Written in March 2011


Do you know? I never imagined that writing a book about my life came to be the hardest decision I ever made. I’m a mom like everyone else, I pick up my boys from school, I cook, I facing the midday traffic, I go to the gym, I´m the driver of my boys in the evenings, I work, I go to the movies, I play sports, I dance and finally, I do the activities of any ordinary woman.

Decide to write about the aspect that is part of me, that makes me feel like a full woman, which holds firmly and lovely my life and gives me the courage and strength to face big problems and everyday problems, is not easy … is not easy to bare the soul …
When I started writing and putting together books, constantly doubted how to do it, if I did as a novel or story, if I signed with a pseudonym or my real name, because at that time I was very afraid of criticism and rejection, especially in the university environment.

Seeing so indecisive, Ulysses, a friend who I love dearly and who is very respectful of my decision (of who I speak you  later), finally he decided to comment and said:

“If you live your life day by day with the joy of knowing you are loved by God, if every step you take holds your soul, if you live your life with transparency and dignity, then you also live your truth with dignity and transparency and be proud of it! It’s of great souls keep their eyes on high and say “This is my truth and this is me”.

So …I am here after the tremendous scolding, finishing to edit the books and also sharing with you a little bit of my life through this blog, with the satisfaction of do what is right to do and to share with you the wonderful times that I have always lived, even in those stages where it was so dark I doubted if it would dawn.

Living so many experiences in life, sweet and bitter, you discover that the only thing that really counts is your authenticity, and no matter what happens around you, when you hold yourself with consistency, honesty and transparency in your convictions and feelings, you find that being authentic is to be signed by the spirit … who always holds your soul.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share with me some of my experiences through this blog. I hope it´s a place where you can find inspiration and motivation to start or continue your personal quest, hoping you find that path full of light and love that goes straight to your heart, helping you remember who you are and why you’re here.


 … “My awake inner senses and spiritual experiences that I experienced at a young age, coupled with the enormous curiosity about why and how things work, it were the engine that drove me young, to consider a career in which I had hoping to find logical answers to explain rationally all my inner experiences and so find the happy balance that would allow me to live harmoniously in both worlds, physical and spiritual.

After graduating from UAG (Guadalajara, Mexico) with a degree in Mathematics, with a suitcase full of unanswered questions, I worked for over 15 years teaching Mathematics and Physics at the Psychology, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences faculties at UAG and in the Division of Engineering and Architecture at the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM).

My understanding of how things work had improved, but despite the skill and knowledge, my bag of unanswered questions grew increasingly more and more.

In addition to teaching, my time was divided between sports, painting and dance, take some courses and manage the family business (a small newspaper, wine stores and a national wholesale distributor of automotive parts).

On the other hand, my spiritual quest and my thirst for answers took me from 11´s to read books from the family library about science, technology, philosophy, yoga, metaphysics, etc.

As a child, very early at dawn I practiced yoga before going to school, also my mom founded a Study Center which enabled me during adolescence and youth, access to knowledge that helped to keep the hope of put the puzzle together, consists of all parts of my physical and spiritual experiences.

As early adulthood, my thirst for answers led me to a continuous search for knowledge through books, courses, workshops, conferences,…, covering A Course in Miracles, Reiki, Universal Energy, Reflexology, Transactional Analysis, Bach Flower, Tzolkin or Maya calendar, numerology, different techniques of massage, healing through the laying on of hands and how course crossed my path.

Disillusioned by having more and more pieces of the puzzle and cannot find a logical sequence to help me build it, I was giving up when heaven sent me two gifts that pumped my life with hope: I began to meditate (Mantram yoga) and about the same time I  was invited to a meeting that was very special, I would have an appointment with my guardian angel.

What I did not imagine is that, I would experience dumbbell to a pleasant and unexpected surprise: Find what I was looking for so many years, I had finally reached the end of the search, I had found my way back home...

The reunion with my guardian angel has been the most moving experience, tender, loving and beautiful I could have imagined, finding him marked my life forever and from that time, Ulysses was no longer the anonymous friend who always looked after and protected me, with whom I maintained a continuous dialogue since childhood, who questioned me about my reasons and always invited me to reflect on what I learned … The soft voice whispering in my heart that it was appropriate to do, the silent friend, discreet and prudent who respected above all my will and free will.

Now Ulysses became my best friend and inseparable confident, a loving teacher cheerfully guided me in my inner awakening, who gently pushed me to discover my own inner nature, who questioned my deductions, especially intellectuals, who gently taught me to know God and love him deeply, discovering his loving presence all around me, in people, nature, my body, but above all … in my heart.

Living with the angelic world and awakening internally became the most exciting adventure and a heady experience, had to look further abroad, the answers have always been inside me and I had not noticed … It was the mind set serving the heart,  join them later …

But there was still more to integrate learning and awaken to the wonderful inner …

… The deep economic crisis did not tarnish the great joy and excitement of waiting for my first baby, who accompanied me from the first days of pregnancy in my academic learning, along with restlessness and intellectual curiosity, I joined an excellent group of Russian scientists and I did a Master degree in Theoretical Physics, which allowed me to expand my intellectual vision but above all for the first time, it gave me the wonderful opportunity to perceive with the eyes of the soul how interact the threads of life and support our wonderful universe, knowing the laws of quantum physics and its indescribable and wonderful relationship with the whole human being and his spiritual nature … The search is over, it felt great to be back at home…

Finally, now all starting to make sense and logic …

There was a spiritual logic at all!

And I had the best teacher and guide to help me put the puzzle!

The search was over, the feeling of coming home was pretty amazing, giving a great fullness to my being, living a beautiful stage of inner peace, love, serenity, wholeness, joy and happiness …


… Two more children came, first a loving child, who was born a week after submitting the examination to defend master’s degree, and almost two years later a beautiful girl was born.

Ulysses lovingly explained about communication and internal experiences I had with each of my children since before they were conceived, “he told me they were children with unusual characteristics that time, compassionate beings of light coming out of love (along with many more) in order to help to keeping the ascension process to take place, as our beautiful mother Earth was about to give birth to a new humanity and it was urgent to awake up as fast as it can to regain the inner healing of our lives, raising our divinity and helping us remember who we are and why we are here.

Always emphasizing how important it was to protect and respect the natural, everyday multidimensionality.

As the kids grew, I enjoyed being intensely devoted to them, and to support the household economy and also non-powdered, still teaching at the University.

Always committed to sharing my spiritual experiences and support others in their awake, at the same time I began to give workshops and courses on “Reunion and dialogue with your guardian angel”, “Indigo Children and Magenta”, “Multidimensional Children” and “The multidimensionality of human being” (such unusual names born from the combination of mathematician + my uncommon experience).

Ulysses invited me during and after pregnancy of each of my children, to write down everything I was learning from this wonderful experience, because, he told me -it will be important to share with others-.

The collection of this learning is written in the books “Spiritual Motherhood” and “Kids today … multidimensional”.

When Ulysses told me about the importance of emptying the mind of all knowledge gained to be filled with the wisdom that flows from the heart, I not well understood and questioned him, and somehow I was reluctant to do so because my experience was filtered through of the mind (so much work, time, dedication and effort in building knowledge and now had to get rid of them!).

He told me it was a landmark decision because it meant throw the empty and full confidence in the divinity of my Inner Being … Now I know that it was a humbling experience …

… One morning, while I pondered, the thoughts that were already scarce, ceased altogether, disappearing as if by magic, resulting in a mental state of stillness and silence …
The mind stopped thinking, stopped producing thoughts and also to receive, the first few days was a very strange feeling …

To my surprise, my emotional body simultaneously dissolved and after a while, gradually began to build a new one …

It was how to reset my spiritual and human life, start again, but now was very different to previous occasions, there was now awakened within, human and spiritual.

Before this experience, when pondering the illusion motivated me to travel the road to get home, to the bright and loving state of complete peace, happiness and disembodiment, when I arrived there I refused to leave it (to put it in some way) but now, now I just closed my eyes and discovered I was at home, I had not go to meet it, I just was there …

I remember the early days, what a nice feeling to feel my body! Or rather, do not feel my body! I felt so very, very lightweight, completely without density, floating, living in a permanent state of unconditional love, inner peace and happiness, no matter where I was or what I was doing …

… Filled me the joy of feeling that sense of wonder when you close your eyes and discover that clarity; everything was brightly lit with a golden-diamond light, I had not to wait for deepening meditation, as a dimmer lighting to reach out maximum intensity, now just closed my eyes and discovered I was right there … Where I was, in a park, in the supermarket, driving …. I seemed girl with a new toy, I liked the feel and experience this feeling over and over and over again.

… About six years ago, I lived for three years, an experience that at the time was very painful because it hurt and hit the depths of my human nature, but greatly strengthened my soul, because it opened my heart for the ultimate experience of unconditional love, allowing explore and discover the ability that human beings have to forgive with all their hearts and find the treasure that is hidden behind the forgiveness.

And so, I can say that the last six years God has taken me gently by the hand and led me to be aware of my inner awakening, and to live a intensive course on unconditional love, the power of forgiveness, acceptance and recognition of the value as a human being. And the last three years, I have a workshop -complicated by the way- on knowledge and understanding of human nature, seen through the eyes of the little girl who lives in my heart.

I also collaborated on a project that has been very important in my life, because it came as a gift at the right time, filling me with excitement and hope when I was deeply despondent, and as if that were not enough, it gave me the opportunity to walk touching hearts and remember how wonderful it is to give and help without expecting anything in return, for the simple reason to do good to others.

I am currently learning from my three wonderful children, I continue to write, giving meditations, consultations, workshops and talks (lovingly directed by the spirit), I continue working in radio/TV and I am returning to the theoretical research.

I am passionate about everything related to the Human Being, Life and the Universe, and now as many emerging fields of research with a greater openness of conscience, I am researching on astrophysics, biophysics and quantum biology (non-linear quantum theories that could explain many of the subtle energy phenomena related to DNA phantom weak electromagnetic field interactions with biological systems, physics of high energy, dark energy, dark matter, gamma-rays and their effect on the human being as precursors of consciousness).

In short, I feel that we are excited about developing a physical theory of consciousness that allows us to be closer to understanding the wonderful origin we come from, and above all, to allow us to exert more responsibility and consciousness to develop science and technology, following and respecting the processes of nature as well as the natural dynamics of the Universe.

Life manifests itself throughout nature and the universe, using cutting edge technology with extremely intelligent, perfect and loving processes. We have to stop going against life to discover technology that we suppose helps us to live better, we just need observe ourselves and the work we are built;  we still have time to rectify, is necessary only to observe with simplicity and humility, and imitate her own processes that are constantly updated.

We do not have to go against life, no more.

The Universe uses a perfect technology, we only need to imitate it.

We need create one theory offer to mind the possibility of imagining the unimaginable, lets take a look at what can only be seen from the heart with the loving eyes of the soul.


Copyright. Todos los derechos reservados. 

Se autoriza la reproducción total o parcial del material contenido en este sitio siempre y cuando se cite la fuente y se respete la integridad del texto. En Amor y Consciencia, gracias por tu comprensión.

The total or partial reproduction of the material contained in this site is authorized provided the source is acknowledged and the text integrity respected. In Love and Consciousness thanks for your understanding.


6 comentarios en “Sharing a little bit of my Life

  1. So that’s a little part of the process of what we call “awakening”, hope you keep growing each day as have done it so far, always proud of you, keep living and watching live from the eyes of the heart.

    Spread love and receive love.

    Me gusta

  2. Hola Liliana. Encontré este blog, diferente al queme diste. Pero igual me sirvió para conocer más de ti. Me encanta tu trayectoria y le atine a percibir tu energía tan elevada y positiva.
    Hay muchos puntos de coincidencia y otros de complementariedad conmigo y con el grupo. Te los comentaré en Skype.
    Tendremos mucho qué hacer juntos. Bendiciones

    Me gusta

    • Hola Enrique, qué gusto saludarte, el que te dí es correcto y te direcciona aquí, muchas gracias por tus comentarios. Será un gusto trabajar con el grupo, con mucho gusto nos comunicamos por Skype. Bendiciones mil.

      Me gusta

  3. wow… scanned through your very interesting life here.. beautiful! see you on nassims class! I am taking a program called Awesomeism ( )about/with/for the multidimensional children who have been dx with autism. Learning lots more from them directly than the medical books have to say!

    Me gusta

    • Hi Heather, thanks to visit the blog! Wow, beautiful you are taking this program, I´ve almot 20 years working with multidimensional kids (and boys) and it is wonderful to see them grow and evolve each of them with their mission of love!
      Interact every day with them is amazing! Imagine, I have at home indigo, magenta and crystal!
      And in consultations and therapies (I attend kids diagnosticated with ad/hd/autism) I see children suffering incomprehension of adults and wrongly diagnosed.
      But hey, I see you on Nassim´s class!

      Me gusta


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